Oh my... sweet Thaylin, where to begin?! This little babe was just nine days old when I had the privilege of photographing him. He smelled so good, you know, the way babies do. Randi's two girlfriends, Courtney and Hannah, gifted her a newborn session with me months ago so I was so excited when he was born!  He is literally perfect. I swear he was looking right at me, like he knew what what he was doing.

Here are a few of my favorites! 

This soft + sweet blanket was crocheted by one of Randi's good friends, Mary. It was seriously the softest little blanket EVER. They really do make the best welcome home gift to a new mom. You can follow her here to purchase one! 


The praying hands was Thad's idea! I love when dads give their input, and I'm really loving the way these turned out. 

And now there are three. :) Thank you Randi and Thad for allowing me to capture your growing family, you guys are so sweet and Thaylin is lucky to have you as his parents! 

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