Ok, i've decided shooting proposals are my new favorite thing. Last weekend we had the honor of capturing our friends getting engaged and seriously, it was AWESOME. Even better: Lydia had NO IDEA, like, none. Zero. 

So it all started about a year or so ago, these two had an budding little thing for each other and we've been able to watch their love grow since then. I remember specifically being on vacation with the Tarleton's (Brad's family) and I think Brad and Lydia texted each other more than I text Logan in a whole year. ;) LOL.

Brad had secretly planned the entire proposal by telling Lydia that his grandma (grammy) wanted to take them all out to dinner. He went to Lydia's house to pick her up and take her back to his parents house where she would come to find that it was all an elaborate scheme. They weren't going to dinner, but he was going to ask her to be his bride instead. 

It was absolutely perfect, I may/may not have been crying tears of happiness for these two behind my camera. #guilty 

So, here is it! The proposal. 

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