This week we are vacationing in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. It's Logan and I's first time here, so when our family friends asked us to join them we were SO in! Yesterday was a bit gloomy in the morning and afternoon so we decided to skip the beach and leave the house for a bit. I think it was a much needed break from the sun since all of us were a little crispy from the days prior. 

We took a drive down to Jockey's Ridge Sand Dunes an it was such an incredibly vast and spacious part of the island. It covers 428 acres of land and is considered to be the largest natural sand dune in the U.S. It felt like we had stepped right into the Sahara Desert, except there was a cool breeze and the sand felt like baby powder between your toes. 

We decided to bring our DSLR and opt to use that over our iPhones and I'm so glad we did! Here is a glimpse into yesterdays adventure:: 

More photos from our trip are on my Instagram feed if you'd like to take a peak at those as well! [@tracyreinard]

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